This 'Wikka Wikki' is an ever expanding document containing information that members of the Garden Source Community hope will be of use and interest to others inside and outside of our group.

Information contained here may well be chaotically organized, and may arise on occasion, directly from the wellspring of imagination, rather than as solid growths from the grounds of science. It is hoped that regardless of source, all the words found here, both the metaphorical and empirical will be of use in building community and building the intent to preserve the interdependent web of life of which we all are a part.

The purpose of Garden Source Spiritual Center Inc. is to provide sincere persons of all paths and persuasions an opportunity to connect as a community to aid their intellectual, personal and spiritual development. That means that we, as a community, promote each person's individuality through common goals which are to learn, to grow, to share, and to make a difference.

I suggest you start with the Word Lists. PageIndex will give you an alphabetacal list of the pages, a few of which are still stubs.

Garden Word List
Garden Goals Word List
Pagan Word List
and the
Theology Wordlist

The PageIndex will get you to a page named directly what you are looking for. Or send an email to the wikki editor and ask me to add your topic.

The physical Garden Library is currently housed with Sandra. It is cataloged in Library Thing. Book donations are gratefully received by either Sandra, RevCerridwyn, or RevSonny.
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